CLI Studios Best Practices

At CLI Studios, we're committed to making this program both an artistic asset, and a financial asset for your business.  This page will be dedicated to helping your studio get the most out of the CLI Studios program.  As always, we're here to help you implement this program at your studio - just send us an email and we're happy to help!

1.  Share the Videos with Your Staff

CLI Studios was created to help dance studio owners and teachers continue their education and stay inspired 52 weeks a year. Connecting your staff to our program is the first way to utilize the CLI Studios program.  Send us the names and email addresses of your teachers and we'll create accounts for them to login and view the classes every week.  We'll also send them weekly reminders about which classes are coming up next so that they can stay on top of their continuing education.  

2. Set up CLI Studios classes for Your Students

CLI Studios can be used to provide classes for your students using a projector, a TV, or having your staff teach the choreography to your class.  We recommend the use of a projector for the best class experience using CLI Studios.  Offering these classes to students is a great way to create some extra revenue for your studio, and to allow your students to learn from some of the best choreographers in the industry.  Studios are either running weekly classes or combining 2-4 weeks worth of videos and using those for an "in-studio workshop" for their students.  Below we have a testimonial for a studio who runs weekly classes, and we'll be adding a second testimonial soon about the in-studio workshop referenced above.

CLI Studios classes played for students on a TV.

CLI Studios classes played for students on a TV.

CLI Studios classes played for students on a Projector.

CLI Studios classes played for students on a Projector.

3. Purchase a projector through cli studios

We are excited to announce a partnership with Epson projectors in an effort to bring quality projectors at the lowest cost to our studios.  If you're interested in a projector for your studio, send us an email at  We've negotiated the rates for a high-definition projector, a screen, and all of the necessary equipment to $1,500 for our studios.  From our research in similar retail settings and with feedback from what other studios have purchased, this is roughly a $500 discount.  

4. Refer Studios You Know to CLI Studios

We're currently offering $100 for each studio you refer that signs up with CLI Studios.  This is a great way to offset the cost of the program for your studio.  Just follow the steps outlined below to earn $100 for each studio you refer: 

  1. Contact the studio you'd like to refer, and have them sign up for an informational phone call with us using this link:
  2. Email us the studios name and contact information so that we can credit your account when they sign up with us.  
  3. We'll email you when the studio signs up, and we'll send you $100 for the referral.  It's that easy.

5. Use our Marketing Materials on Your Website and on Social Media

Using our marketing materials on your website and on your social media pages is a great way to show that your studio works with some of the top choreographers in the industry.  If you have questions about using our Marketing Materials section, feel free to contact us at any time!