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CLI Studios and Creative Movement Educator, Julie Kay Stallcup, have produced an exciting new project of follow-a-long music for beginner dancers. Teachers can use these original beats with outlined lesson plans all year long in styles such as jazz, ballet, tap, and musical theatre.

The inspiration for this follow-a-long music stemmed from a problem every creative movement teacher has faced before: How do you lead a class of high-energy young ones and also leave the front of the classroom to walk around and give corrections? Julie Kay found a solution to that problem early on in her teaching career with the recordings of Al Gilbert, and she decided to partner with CLI Studios to create new original tunes in the same style! These contagiously educational songs are the result of Julie Kay and CLI Studios’ never-ending dream of providing creative solutions for studio owners and dance teachers, and we can’t wait for our Student Partners to use them in class!


Check out a short clip of one of our follow-a-long songs below!

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Julie Kay is a nationally recognized leader in dance education and more specifically, creative movement. Her seminars and engaging keynote addresses are sold out at dance teacher conferences and conventions across the country. Her success is a result of integrating high quality, rigorous dance training, and a commitment to mentor each and every dancer with integrity and compassion.