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CLI Studios is teaming up with to give DSO subscribers direct access to LA's top choreographers through our new online platform.  CLI Studios is excited to offer DSO members an exclusive discount to CLI Studios: a 14-day free trial and 20% off the CLI Studios Dance Studio subscription price! 

about cli studios

CLI Studios works with dance studios around the world to better connect studio owners and teachers with LA's top choreographers through online and in-studio workshops.  CLI Studios offers new online dance classes, across the floor combinations, and warm-up exercises every week taught by world-renowned choreographers like Allison Holker, Twitch, Kathryn McCormick, and Teddy Forance.  CLI's goal is to provide low-cost continuing education and inspiration for a dance studio's entire staff.  With CLI Studios, your staff can take classes and stay inspired on their own time and schedule 52 weeks per year.  CLI also offers a new comprehensive booking service which directly connects studio owners with choreographers for in-studio workshops and master classes.  With CLI Studios, your students and staff have direct access to LA's top choreographers every week at an incredibly affordable price.  


Studio program benefits for dso subscribers:

  • 14-day free trial; no long-term contracts, no cancellation fees
  • 20% off our regular Studio Program price
  • 1-2 new classes uploaded every week
  • Includes full combinations, warm-ups, across the floor exercises, and videos just for teachers
  • Access to our entire video library (including all of our archived videos)
  • Access to music downloads and music ideas for your classroom
  • Unlimited teacher accounts - provide your staff with their own accounts for continuing education at no additional charge
  • New booking system to book in-studio workshops from LA's top choreographers (available exclusively for our Studio Members)
  • Offer classes to students using a projector or TV in your studio, and profit off of these new class offerings
  • Revenue Share Program launching in August 2015

exclusive pricing offer: 

We are excited to offer members our lowest price point for our Dance Studio Program: just $79.99/month for the first 12 months (and 10% off our Studio Program price thereafter).  You'll also get a 14-day free trial, so you can make sure our program is right for your studio.  To register your studio, use the link below and we'll set up your account today!

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"We are beyond excited to welcome the network of studios as partners in our new program, and we can't wait to work with you this year!" - Teddy Forance, Allison Holker, and Stephen "tWitch" Boss

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