CLI Studios is an Online Dance Program from Top Choreographers

CLI Studios is a new online dance program that connects top choreographers with dancers and dance studios around the world.  We provide online classes in contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, modern, ballet, and tap from choreographers such as Allison Holker, tWitch, Teddy Forance, Caitlin Kinney, and Kathryn McCormick.  Our program is used by dancers around the world to supplement their traditional dance education, and by dance studios to provide continuing education to their staff.  


CLI Studios works with 50+ world-renowned choreographers, and we're always adding more. Check out just a few of our amazing choreographers below:


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Connect with the industry's top choreographers

Access master classes from 50+ world-renowned choreographers - plus you get access to the extensive CLI Studios video library


Keep your studio inspired

Inspire your staff and students with new combinations, warm-ups, across the floor progressions, plus access to creative resources like the CLI Studios Music Program


24/7 Access on Any Device

All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or computer!


Check out sample classes below

Hear what our members have to say:

I have to tell you how excited I am about your program. As the owner, main teacher, and everything in between, there unfortunately isn’t always as much time during the week as I would like to offer a greater variety in classes. This will allow me to offer wonderful classes to my students and offer a new income avenue for our studio. My students often have to travel at least 3 hours to attend larger workshops so it also offers us the opportunity to offer in studio workshops by grouping some of the videos together.
— Tamara
I love being able to stay up to date. Owning a studio and having kids of my own makes it difficult to travel to take class. If I can’t go to NY or LA anymore, this is the next best thing.
— Vicky
I love being able to offer continuing education to my staff to spark creativity and stay current.
— Darcy


Stay fresh with new ideas for your classroom

Access online master classes covering combinations, warm-ups and across the floor progressions in genres such as contemporary, hip-hop, modern, ballet, and many others (plus access to the extensive CLI Studios video library!)


Affordable continuing education with top Choreographers

Take online classes with top choreographers for an incredibly affordable price.



All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or computer!


Check out sample classes below

HeAR What our Members have to say:

LOVE IT. Just want to show gratitude to you all for taking the time to put a wonderful program like this together. After two weeks of classes from Teddy/Kyle and Kathryn/Audrey, I am already energized about everything I can implement into my classes, and teach my students. THANK YOU 1000 times :)
— Mandy
I have found that the teachers are doing a great job of breaking down the choreography. The CLI Studios choreographers even use the same corrections I give my students. It was great to have my students hear CLI’s choreographers say it too.
— Trish
I love that I, the teacher, am able to continue my dance education through this program. I love that I am inspired with each new class.
— Kristan

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Take online classes with your favorite choreographers

Take one new master class every week from LA and NYC's top choreographers (like tWitch, Kathryn McCormick and Allison Holker). Plus you'll have access to the extensive CLI Studios online library of master classes!


24/7 Access on any device

All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or computer!


Check out sample classes below

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