Sugarfoot Therapy and CLI Studios

As dance teachers, we’re committed to helping dancers grow in their training and technique while keeping them strong, flexible, and healthy. That's why CLI Studios partnered with the industry leader in injury prevention for dancers—Sugarfoot Therapy! Sugarfoot Therapy bridges the gap between kinesiology and traditional dance technique, providing you with efficient and effective ways to safely build the kind of strength and flexibility that keeps your dancers healthy. When you join the CLI Studios Partnership Program, you get access to these Sugarfoot Therapy resources and more! Continue reading to learn how you can get access to a FREE sample class from CLI Studios and Sugarfoot!


Take New Classes with Sugarfoot Therapy Every Month

CLI Studios and Sugarfoot Therapy produce and broadcast new LIVE Classes every month for our Members! You can tune into these classes live and ask questions with the Sugarfoot Therapy faculty, or watch the recordings at your own pace in the CLI Studios online class library. 

Access These Classes 24/7 On Your Own Schedule

We know you have a busy schedule, and it's not always easy to tune in to a LIVE Class as it's being broadcast. We've got you covered! With the CLI Studios Partnership Program you get access to the full library of classes we have produced with Sugarfoot Therapy. You can watch those classes on your own time and at your own pace using your computer, tablet, or phone!


Get More Great Benefits With CLI Studios

When you join the CLI Studios Partnership Program you get more than just access to Sugarfoot Therapy's dance injury prevention classes. We upload new continuing education classes for teachers every week - with innovative ideas for choreography and teaching tips that you can use in your classes. Plus our Studio Partners get access to our exclusive online master class and choreography program - letting you and your dancers book with 100+ of the industry's top choreographers!



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Sugarfoot Therapy is a revolutionary injury prevention conditioning program created by Doctor of Physical Therapy, Nicholas Cutri, and professional dancer/choreographer, Katie Schaar. Used by dancers and dance educators worldwide, Sugarfoot Therapy brings the exercises of sports physical therapy to dancers. When practiced regularly, these exercises are scientifically proven to help prevent the occurrence of injuries.

If you are a competitive dancer frustrated by repeated injuries, a dance teacher frustrated by having injured dancers sitting out, or a professional dancer who fears the impact an injury could have on your income… this program is for you.

Most orthopedic dance injuries are overuse injuries caused by a repeated movement pattern that places continued stress on a tissue over a period of time. Injuries manifest over time as pain, inflammation, stiffness, weakness, and tissue damage as a result of inefficient dance technique and/or lack of effective cross training. Sugarfoot Therapy provides an easy-to-implement cross training program for dancers, designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and backed by research-based evidence.