An exclusive mentorship program for aspiring dancers!

The CLI Studios Trainee Program is an exclusive training and mentorship program for college-aged dancers. Get personalized training, feedback, and mentorship from top choreographers in the dance industry like Kathryn McCormick, Teddy Forance, Misha Gabriel, Nick Lazzarini, and tWitch. Our choreographers got to where they are today with the training and mentorship of the choreographers who came before them, and they want to help train the next generation of dance professionals! Our program mentors work closely with each Trainee to help them reach their personal and professional dance goals in a program unlike any other! Apply today to start your audition process. Prospective Trainees must be college-aged to audition.  

Receive personalized monthly video feedback from your Mentor!

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Take a variety of classes in multiple styles whenever is convenient for you.

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Get advice from industry leaders like the professors of Chapman University!


Get personalized feedback from top choreographers in the industry!

One of the most important elements of every dancers training is FEEDBACK! It helps us grow and develop to get guidance from dancers and choreographers who have been there before – whether it’s audition for a world tour with Beyonce, choreographing a commercial, or landing a gig on Broadway. That’s why we’re so excited about Feedback. Every month our Trainees submit a video of something they’re working on to their mentors. Your video could be of a new piece you’re choreographing, an audition that you’re working on, or a new technique or skill that you’re training in.

Every month your mentors, choreographers from shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with The Stars, will review your video submission, and give you personalized feedback and guidance on your dancing and opportunities to make progress towards your goals. Not only does this feedback help you generate new perspective on your artistry, it helps you build direct relationships with your mentor! Apply now to start your audition process. 

Click the button below to fill out a short form and a member of our team will work with you one-on-one to help get you set up!

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Hone your skills by taking classes with your mentors, 24/7 at your convenience. 

Training in a diverse set of dance styles has been instrumental in helping our choreographers gain success in their dance careers has been training in a diverse set of dance styles. Diverse training helps our dancers be more inventive when creating pieces, it helps them quickly pick up choreography at auditions, and it helps them hone or develop new skills. That’s why tWitch, Teddy, and the rest of our Creative Team designed a comprehensive set of classes, across all styles of dance and with their favorite choreographers, for the Trainee Program. We know you’ve got a busy schedule, so you can take these classes 24/7 at your own convenience.  

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Get advice and guidance on your career!

As you continue to improve your dancing and artistry, we know you face important questions about where to head next with your training and with your career. With the Trainee Program you get guidance from your mentors and your Trainee Coach on all of those big questions. Maybe you’re wondering about the best places to live in LA or NY, how best to go about getting an agent, or the types of classes you should take to improve in improvisation or to increase your flexibility. 


Facing these uncharted waters doesn’t need to be scary! Your mentors and your Trainee Coach have seen it all and they’re here to answer your questions as part of the Trainee Program. Click below to start your audition process.