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The Kinjaz
Take your dance training to the next level with new classes from The Kinjaz and 300+ top choreographers every week.
Get to know Anthony Lee, Mike Song, Lyle Beniga, Bam Martin, and Vinh Nguyen
Los Angeles-based dance crew and resident choreographers with CLI Studios
The Kinjaz were established in 2010 with a mission to innovate, entertain, and positively impact the world through movement, media, and mentality
Finalist on Season 1 of World of Dance and Season 8 of America’s Best Dance Crew
“Respect All. Fear None.”
– The Kinjaz
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The Classes
Intermediate and advanced hip-hop dance combinations, with new classes from The Kinjaz every month
The Music
Routines from a variety of artists such as Drake, James Blake, Justin Bieber, and Big Sean.
The Training
It’s all about the details. Whether you are looking for smooth and fluid choreography or sharp and high-energy moments, these classes will give you a versatile experience.
The Experience
Hit pause, rewind, or watch classes on repeat so you can master The Kinjaz’s signature intricate choreography style
How it works
Sign up to work with The Kinjaz by starting a free 7-day trial and get a full year membership with CLI Studios. Your subscription with CLI Studios includes:
A library of 800+ on-demand dance classes
Classes in every major dance style with 300+ world-renowned choreographers
New classes added weekly in every style and level
Take class anytime, anywhere on your desktop, phone, or TV
Monthly live events
Have questions?
What is CLI Studios?
CLI Studios is an online streaming platform that offers industry-leading online dance classes from over 300 world-renowned choreographers. Our instructors built this program to give everyone equal access to exceptional dance training in every style and level of dance, 24/7. As a member with CLI Studios, you’ll get to train with your favorite choreographers, with classes designed to help you be your best dancer.
What does my membership include?
Take your dancing to the next level with access to our library of 800+ online dance classes in hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, ballet, modern, tap, musical theatre, and more – with new classes added every week! Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to join us for LIVE events throughout the year included in the cost of your membership!
What age and experience level are ideal for CLI Studios?
CLI Studios is designed and recommended for students of any age: kids (ages 8+), teens, and adults. Beginner through advanced-level classes are available.
How do I cancel?
If you don’t want to continue your CLI Studios Membership, you can cancel your membership renewal at any time by contacting
What is the cost?
You can get started with CLI Studios with a 7-day free trial then choose between our Monthly Plan for $29/month or Annual Plan for $199/year. Both plans include unlimited access to 1,000+ classes from over 300 top instructors, with new classes added every week. Your membership also includes a ticket to most of our live-streaming events throughout the year!