How it works
With a CLI Studios membership, you’ll have access to our Interactive Zoom Dance Classes with world-renowned instructors, which you can easily book in advance once you’re a Member.
You can also take classes on your own schedule and at your own pace with our library of 800+ on-demand dance classes.
Both our on-demand and Interactive Zoom Classes are exclusive to CLI Studios Members and included in your membership.
Ask questions and get feedback from world-class instructors with Interactive Zoom Classes
Learn on your own schedule with on-demand dance classes in every style and level
Join a global dance community that will keep you inspired
The Zoom class experience
We design our Zoom classes to be as interactive as possible and encourage students to ask questions throughout class.
The classes run for 60-90 minutes and include a full-body warmup, exercises to improve your technique, and a choreographed routine.
We offer Zoom classes for dancers of all ages in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels and in every style, including hip-hop, contemporary, and jazz.
Meet your instructors
Allison Holker
Mark Meismer
Brian Friedman
Jazz Funk
Molly Long
Ysabelle Capitulé
Lex Ishimoto
Anthony Lee
Nika Kljun
Jazz Funk
Syncopated Ladies
Teddy Forance
Marty Kudelka
Marguerite Derricks
Musical Theatre
Misha Gabriel
Phillip Chbeeb
Makenzie Dustman
Guy Groove
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What’s included in a CLI Studios membership?
What’s included in a CLI Studios membership?
When you become a CLI Studios Member, you can:
Join Interactive Zoom Classes with world-renowned choreographers
Explore our library of 800+ on-demand classes
Access new classes every week in all styles and levels
Take class anytime, anywhere on a desktop, phone, or TV
Try all our classes free for 7 days when you sign up. Then it’s just $8.25/month (billed annually)
Get on-demand access on any device
Have questions?
The CLI Studios team is standing by to help you get started with your Membership. If you have questions that we haven’t answered here, send us an email at – we’re here to help!
What does a CLI Studios membership include?
A CLI Studios annual subscription includes a library of 800+ on-demand dance classes in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, taught by the world’s best choreographers – with new classes added every week. Plus, we offer exclusive members-only live-streaming events and Interactive Zoom Classes throughout the year included in the cost of your membership.
How do I register for a Zoom class with CLI Studios?
To access our Interactive Zoom Classes, you need to be a CLI Studios Member. Once you start your 7-day Free Trial, you’ll be able to register for upcoming Zoom classes easily through our Members site.
What time do the Zoom classes take place?
Currently, we are offering Zoom classes free to Members multiple times per week, during the weekdays and weekends. Classes are held in the mornings and afternoons in the Pacific Time Zone so that students from around the world can tune in and take class.
What age and experience level are ideal for CLI Studios?
CLI Studios is designed and recommended for students of any age: kids (ages 8+), teens, and adults. We offer beginner through advanced-level classes tailored specifically for youth ages 8-12, as well as teens and adults ages 13+.
What does it cost?
You can get started with CLI Studios with a 7-day free trial then choose between our Monthly Plan for $29/month or Annual Plan for $199/year. Both plans include unlimited access to 1,000+ classes from over 300 top instructors, with new classes added every week. Your membership also includes a ticket to most of our live-streaming events throughout the year!
How do I cancel?
If you’d like to cancel your CLI Studios Membership, you can cancel your renewal at any time through our Members site. You will continue to have access to all of our content until your subscription’s expiration date. If you are within your 7-day Free Trial and would like to cancel, you can cancel through our Members site. You will continue having access to all of our classes until your 7-day Free Trial is completed.
Support your local dance studio
At CLI Studios, we firmly believe that nothing replaces in-person dance instruction. Because of this, we recommend CLI Studios as a supplement to your child’s dance studio training. While we hope to see you virtually, we encourage you to continue supporting your local dance studios and teachers who inspire us and dancers around the world every day.