Work with 150+ top choreographers in your studio every day 


The industry's top choreographers want to work with your studio!

When you join the CLI Studios Partnership Program, your studio will work with 150+ of the industry's top choreographers in every style of dance. With continuing education for your entire staff, and master classes and choreography for your students, our Partner Studios around the world are more inspired than ever!  Check out a few of the choreographers you can work with as a Partner Studio below.



tWitch teaches Hip-Hop for CLI Studios. He's known for his work on SYTYCD, Step Up 3D, Hairspray, Stomp the Yard 2, and Ellen


Kathryn McCormick

Kathryn teaches Contemporary for CLI Studios. She's known for her work on Dancing with the Stars, SYTYCD, Step Up Revolution, and the DanceMakers convention. 


Allison Holker

Allison teaches Contemporary for CLI Studios. She's known for her work on SYTYCD, High School Musical, and Dancing with the Stars


Teddy Forance

Teddy teaches Contemporary for CLI Studios. Teddy has worked on SYTYCD and Dancing with the Stars, and has performed with artists like Lady Gaga, Usher and Janet Jackson. 


Keep your teachers inspired 365 days a year

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Inspiration for Every Teacher at Your Studio

At CLI Studios we’ve worked with thousands of dance teachers around the world, helping them with choreography, lesson planning, and teacher training. Through our experiences, we've found that most dance teachers struggle with the same three challenges with continuing education and inspiration: "I don't have time!"..."It's too expensive!"..."It's hard to stay to up to date!"


Bring New Ideas to Every Dance Class

We know it's tough to stay creatively inspired throughout the year.  As a CLI Studios Member you have access to 150+ hours of online classes, tips and techniques to inspire your choreography, warm-ups, and combinations.  


Take the Classes You Want 24/7, On Your Own Schedule

When you join CLI Studios, you can take class whenever you want - at your own pace and on your own schedule. You can access the CLI Studios online classes 24/7 from our website or app. Pause...rewind...and watch them over and over again. 


Keep Up With the Latest Dance Trends

At CLI Studios we're committed to helping you stay up-to-date on the latest trends. Our faculty of 150+ top choreographers are at the forefront of dance across every genre, and they're providing our Members with the latest tips, tricks and techniques every week.


Add 150+ top choreographers to your faculty

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Master Classes, Choreography, Private Lessons and More

All your dancers are on Snapchat...or Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The current generation of young dancers is so familiar with technology and learning from screens that it presents an amazing new opportunity for dance studios. When you get set up with CLI Studios as a Partner Studio, you can affordably connect your dancers with training from their favorite choreographers, at your studio and on the go.

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Host Master Classes in Your Studio

With CLI Studios, your dancers can take classes from So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, and World of Dance choreographers right in your studio! Our digital video platform allows you stream live, pre-recorded, and interactive online master classes with over 150 of the industry's top choreographers using a TV or projector. With CLI Studios you can host a hip-hop grooves class with tWitch, work on pirouettes with Kent Boyd, and learn a new contemporary combo from Kathryn McCormick - right from your studio! 

Provide Personalized Training for Beginner through Advanced Dancers

As dancers ourselves, we know that feedback is a critical part of dance training. That's why we created an innovative new online learning program that allows your dancers to get personalized instruction, feedback, and choreography from the industry's most in-demand choreographers. No travel required - you can work with top choreographers right in your studio when you partner with us!


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Keep Your Dancers Inspired While They're On-the-go

Dancers are's hard to find a dancer these days without a smartphone in their hands.  And with YouTube and Instagram packed with dance content, they can be learning anything, from anyone, without oversight from qualified dance instructors. With the CLI Studios app for dancers, we can provide you with the confidence of knowing what your students are learning when they leave the studio - all taught by world-renowned choreographers.


Stand out in the crowd

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A new way to market your business

When you become a CLI Studios partner studio, our faculty becomes an extension of your team, and we want the whole world to know it! We want your community to know that your studio has partnered with world-renowned choreographers, and we provide you with a set of marketing resources that help promote your business and differentiate your studio. As a partner studio, you'll get access to these great marketing resources and more throughout the year:

tWitch Social Media.png

Get New Social Media Marketing Resources

We provide you with social media marketing resources throughout the season. You can post about the classes you're hosting with tWitch, Allison Holker, Kathryn McCormick, and the rest of the CLI Studios faculty on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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Advertise Your Affiliation with CLI Studios

Let your community know that Teddy Forance, Kent Boyd, Kenny Wormald, and the rest of the CLI Studios faculty are teaching at your studio. Advertise our affiliation on your website and social media. You can even mention the CLI Studios choreographers as adjunct faculty!

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We'll Promote Your Studio

Our choreographers love hearing about all the awesome work you're doing at your studio. Send us pictures and videos of your dancers and we'll promote your studio on social media!