We help studios, teachers, and dancers be their best, every day.


At CLI Studios, we're a company founded by dancers and dance teachers.  We've spent years researching and talking to teachers, choreographers, studio owners and dancers, focused on one question - "How can we help you be your best dancer?" After working with some of the most innovative studio owners and teachers from around the world, we know that it starts with a fun, energized, and inspired dance studio.

That's why we're committed to partnering with dance studios to create programs that keep your staff and students inspired throughout the year. Our programs use innovative technology to get you and your studio unparalleled access to 150+ top choreographers at incredibly affordable prices. At CLI Studios we believe that a more inspired studio will help your business, your dancers, and your community be your best, every day, and we're committed to creating programs that do just that.

CLI Studios Co-Founders

Teddy Forance, tWitch, Allison Holker, Jon Arpino, Caitlin Kinney, and Justin Rucker