2 dancers popping their right heel and pointing to the side

What is Jazz Dance?

In order to fully understand and progress in a style, it’s important to learn its origins and how it got to be where it is today. Take a quick dive into the style of jazz and how it has evolved from its beginnings.

dancer allison holker smiling and clapping in front of a purple brick wall

Feel Good Classes You Can Take With Friends

From industry insights with top instructors to positive affirmations, yoga practices, and guided improv and groove sessions, we’ve compiled our all levels “Feel Good” classes to help you take some time to yourself and find your confidence. You can find these classes in our on-demand library!

group of ballerinas performing onstage in white tutus

The History of Ballet

With origins going back to the Italian Renaissance of the 15th century, ballet is one of the oldest dance styles that is still performed. Take a deep dive into the history of this classic style from its beginnings to present day.

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