Creating a new pre-professional path for the world’s most talented dancers.
Auditions for Class of 2022-23 are OPEN!
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The program
The CLI Conservatory is a groundbreaking new program designed to prepare students to enter the professional world of dance. Each year, up to 40 students are chosen from thousands of applications from around the world for a rigorous 9 month training program. Led by 100+ world-renowned instructors, students will get the training, tools, and opportunities to pursue their dreams.
The Conservatory experience includes:
6 days/week training in all styles
The support of 40 other dancers and the international CLI Studios community
Support from faculty’s network
Direct exposure to job opportunities and talent agents
Personal brand-building guidance
Industry training and job experience to build their resume
Meet the 2021-2022 students
Meet the 2021-2022 faculty
Teddy Forance
Tiler Peck
Brian Friedman
Marguerite Derricks
Marty Kudelka
Kirsten Russell
Makenzie Dustman
Phillip Chbeeb
Nika Kjlun
Lyle Beniga
Chaz Buzan
Kathryn McCormick
Sean Lew
Lex Ishimoto
Misha Gabriel
Lucy Vallely
Deshawn Da Prince
Robert Green
Mike Tyus
Kenichi Kasamatsu
Jermaine Spivey
Al Blackstone
Spenser Theberge
Noel Bajandas
Chantel Aguirre
Mike Keefe
BBoy El Nino
Kurtis Sprung
Channing Cooke
Jillian Meyers
Dana Wilson
Meg Lawson
Melanie Moore
Randi Kemper
Hefa Tuita
Karla Garcia
Akira Uchida
Jason Parsons
Shakia Barron
Steve Vaughn
Jess LeProtto
Ida Saki
Riley Watts
Billy Griffin
Jeff Lapes
Casey Gonzalez
John Wayno
Barbie Diewald
Manny Castro
Lory Castro
Charles Flachs
Rose Flachs
Debra Vega
JA Collective
Nick Anthony
Aston McCullough
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Our mission
The CLI Conservatory is built for dancers, by dancers with a mission to create equal access to a high-caliber arts education. Nothing should stand in the way of a talented aspiring dancer having a successful career. We’re leveling the playing field and creating an experience that is designed to find and train the world’s best dancers, regardless of location or income.
Audition from anywhere, virtually
No need to plan trips around auditions
Apply for scholarships
Financial aid is available for CLI Studios and the Conservatory
Train with CLI Studios
Affordable dance education with the world’s best teachers
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