Creating a new pre-professional path for the world’s most talented dancers.
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The program
The CLI Conservatory is a groundbreaking new program designed to prepare students to enter the professional world of dance. Each year, up to 100 students are chosen from thousands of applications from around the world for a rigorous 9 month training program. Led by 100+ world-renowned instructors, students will get the training, tools, and opportunities to pursue their dreams.
The Conservatory experience includes:
6 days/week training in all styles
The support of 100 other dancers and the international CLI Studios community
Support from faculty’s network
Direct exposure to job opportunities and talent agents
Personal brand-building guidance
Industry training and job experience to build their resume
What Our Community Is Saying
Meet the 2021-2022 students
Meet the 2021-2022 faculty
Teddy Forance
Tiler Peck
Brian Friedman
Marty Kudelka
Kirsten Russell
Lyle Beniga
Chaz Buzan
Kathryn McCormick
Lex Ishimoto
Lucy Vallely
Deshawn Da Prince
Robert Green
Kenichi Kasamatsu
Jermaine Spivey
Al Blackstone
Spenser Theberge
Noel Bajandas
Chantel Aguirre
Mike Keefe
BBoy El Nino
Kurtis Sprung
Channing Cooke
Jillian Meyers
Dana Wilson
Meg Lawson
Melanie Moore
Randi Kemper
Hefa Tuita
Karla Garcia
Akira Uchida
Jason Parsons
Shakia Barron
Steve Vaughn
Jess LeProtto
Ida Saki
Riley Watts
Billy Griffin
Casey Gonzalez
John Wayno
Barbie Diewald
Manny Castro
Lory Castro
Charles Flachs
Rose Flachs
Debra Vega
JA Collective
Nick Anthony
Aston McCullough
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Our mission
The CLI Conservatory is built for dancers, by dancers with a mission to create equal access to a high-caliber arts education. Nothing should stand in the way of a talented aspiring dancer having a successful career. We’re leveling the playing field and creating an experience that is designed to find and train the world’s best dancers, regardless of location or income.
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Financial aid is available for CLI Studios and the Conservatory
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Affordable dance education with the world’s best teachers
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How long is the program and when does it start?
The CLI Conservatory is a nine-month training program designed to prepare students to enter the professional world of dance. For the class of 2022-2023, the CLI Conservatory program begins in September 2022 and ends in May 2023.
Who should audition?
Dancers of all ages are encouraged to audition. For students ages 17+, you’ll be considered for the CLI Conservatory class of 2022-2023, and for students under the age of 17, you’ll be considered for other online or in-person opportunities with the CLI Conservatory this season.
How much is tuition?
Our goal for the CLI Conservatory is to prepare students for professional dance careers, and to make this process and training as affordable as possible for dancers. The CLI Conservatory costs $2,500 per month for nine months, totaling $22,500 for the academic year.
What is the schedule like day-to-day and week-to-week throughout the year?
A typical day at the CLI Conservatory begins at roughly 9 AM Monday through Friday, and ends around 7 PM each day. Weekdays include training and working with multiple world-renowned choreographers that we bring in to train our students across all major dance styles (contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, modern, ballet, tap, musical theatre, and more). Our training includes technique classes, learning original choreography for the shows we produce featuring our students each year, music video and creative video shoots that we produce and film with our students throughout the year, audition opportunities for agencies and professional dance jobs, and more. Because professional dance jobs are demanding, our training is well-rounded in an effort to make our dancers as versatile as possible, and it allows them to work with the choreographers that are responsible for booking many of the dance industry’s jobs every year. Saturdays are reserved for filming music videos and creative video shoots, and additional training and rehearsals. Sundays are our days off for all CLI Conservatory students and faculty. Since the CLI Conservatory was founded by professional dancers, we built a program that mirrors what we would have wanted when we graduated high school, and we now offer that to the next generation of aspiring professional dancers
Where is the CLI Conservatory located?
The CLI Conservatory is located in the quaint, rural college town of Easthampton, Massachusetts. Easthampton is roughly three hours from New York City and two hours from Boston, and in the backyard of the iconic performance space Jacob’s Pillow. We chose this location because it allows dancers to focus on their dance training with the CLI Studios world-renowned faculty without the distractions of a busy, major city. Because our training runs six days per week throughout the year, Easthampton has become the perfect location for our dancers to focus on getting to the next steps in their careers.
What are the housing options at the CLI Conservatory?
Housing in Easthampton, Massachusetts is affordable, and our team will assist each student to find housing that works for them. While housing is not included in the CLI Conservatory tuition and is the responsibility of each student, we connect all of the students before the program begins and help them in their search for housing and roommates with other Conservatory students, making the process as easy as possible.
Who are the faculty?
Our CLI Conservatory faculty are all working professionals in the dance industry. These choreographers are booking professional dancers for jobs throughout the year, and the connections we give to our students to 75+ CLI Conservatory faculty members over a nine-month program is one of the aspects that makes the CLI Conservatory unique. These instructors include Teddy Forance (our Conservatory Director), Tiler Peck, Brain Friedman, Bill Forsythe, Marguerite Derricks, Lyle Beniga, Chantel Aguirre, Melanie Moore, Hefa Tuita, Randi Kemper, Lex Ishimoto, Kathryn McCormick, and more. We also provide audition opportunities for all of our students to the major dance agencies at the end of the year
How many steps are there in the audition process?
The first step in the audition process is to submit a video and fill out the application on this page (this is a free process open to every dancer). As we review each applicant, our team will be in touch for next steps if we believe a student would be a strong candidate for the CLI Conservatory program. Next steps include sending in additional materials that our team will request and an interview process with our Conservatory Director, Teddy Forance
When will I find out if I am accepted into the Conservatory?
We are typically able to get back to Conservatory applicants within one month of their application submission to let them know if they will be moving forward to the next step in the audition process.
What should I submit for my audition video?
The main goal of the video submission is for our team to see your dancing ability so that we can assess whether we think you are a good fit for our 2022-2023 CLI Conservatory program. Therefore, you should submit a video in any style of dance that you feel best demonstrates your abilities. The video should be approximately one to three minutes in length (although a video slightly longer or shorter is OK), and the focus should be on you for the duration of the video (no duos, trios, or groups please). Your video can feature original choreography, a piece choreographed by someone else (including a CLI Studios class from our online program), or improvisation in any style of your choice. Video reels that you’ve edited together are also acceptable submissions. Please limit your submissions to one video and one application (multiple videos or applications from a single applicant will not be reviewed).
Is there an international student visa program?
We currently do not offer an international student visa program, but we do have students participating from countries outside of the United States on visitor visas (as long as this is approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, which is the responsibility of the student to coordinate for approval).
Are scholarships available?
We have worked to get the cost of the program to be more affordable than traditional four-year college options, so that students can prepare for a professional career in a shorter period of time and at less cost. Therefore, we do not offer scholarships currently for the CLI Conservatory, but we do work on payment plans with our Conservatory students and their families so that the cost is spread out over the nine-month program
Do I get a Certificate when I graduate from the CLI Conservatory?
The CLI Conservatory awards students a Certificate of Completion with their class year (2022-2023 for the upcoming class) when they complete the program. Because the CLI reputation is known throughout the dance industry globally, students should list their Certificate and class year on their professional resume along with the extensive list of faculty they trained with at our program. Additionally, if a student wants to attend a traditional college program after graduation from the CLI Conservatory, we will write our students letters of recommendation to assist with their next educational opportunity.
Audition process
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Submit your video for review by the Conservatory faculty
We’ll notify applicants of next steps in early 2022
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