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Finding the right online dance classes for kids can be incredibly difficult. Whether your young dancer is just venturing into the activity for the first time or has a solid dance routine in-person already, there are a plethora of options out there, and navigating the world of online dance can be daunting. But, we’ve been working in dance for a very long time so we’re here to help you quickly understand what to look for and get your kid dancing right away. First things first, why dance online?

The Benefits of Kids Dance Lessons Online

Screengrab of CLI Studios dance class to the song “Peaches”

It makes scheduling a breeze

While older kids might be able to handle classes at later hours or the long breaks in between classes, that’s not easy for every kid, especially those who are younger. With online classes, you can find times that work best for you and your child, and you get the opportunity to watch them enjoying themselves and learning from your own home, or wherever you choose to take a class.

Try it out before making a financial commitment

Dancing at home can be especially helpful for younger children who might get overstimulated or distracted by the studio or convention setting. Everybody learns in unique ways, and it’s helpful to introduce variety and agency into your young dancer’s education early on. (If you’re a younger dancer reading this to learn more about how you can become a dancer, awesome! You’re ahead of the game for being proactive about your dance education!)

Build Your Child’s Confidence

Let’s face it, dance classes can be intimidating for everyone, even adults. If you’re a beginner it can be even scarier to walk into a class with people you don’t know who might have more knowledge than you. Online dance offers the ability to take movement classes that will help kids get into their bodies and learn the basics so when they’re ready to take the next step, they have the confidence to do so. It doesn’t stop there either, understanding your movement can build confidence that translates into social and academic performance too!

Diverse & World-Renowned Instruction

Oftentimes, master classes and bigger opportunities and classes in more specialized styles are available to older dancers. With online classes, your child can take from a variety of renowned instructors, see what’s out there, and while our kid’s collection is full of beginner classes, you can progress to harder classes without needing to be a certain age.

As you get started here are a few things we recommend looking for to help determine what’s right for your child:

  • Is your child looking to dance recreationally or for a rigorous program?
  • What style does your child want to learn?
  • Are the classes designed for school-aged kids?
  • Who are the dance teachers? Are they right for your child’s needs?
  • Do the classes include upbeat music that’s age-appropriate?
  • Are they able to advance to more difficult classes if they stick with it?
  • Do they offer live or virtual classes?

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On-demand Dance Lessons For Kids

Filtering through hundreds of dance lessons can be overwhelming, thankfully we’ve narrowed it down to a few that are kid-friendly and offer a variety of dance styles from hip-hop to ballet. While these classes are designed for dancers between the ages of 8 and 12, if you’re a little older or a little younger than that target age range, you are still welcome to take them!

These dance lessons are perfect for kids because they focus on dance basics with fun upbeat combos while still challenging and expanding a young dancer’s world. Here are just a few of the classes offered in our kid’s collection at CLI Studios to give you an example of the variety of classes available.

Jazz Warm Up with Molly Long 

Molly long and two dancers in tendu

This warm-up is suitable for all levels, and Molly teaches it in a really clear way, breaking down each movement and warming up the whole body. Plies, planks, shoulder rolls, flat blacks, floor work, and forced arches. This warm-up is great for the dancer wanting to get stronger in a nicely paced, classic format.

Beginner Ballet with So You Think Can Dance Alum Melissa Sandvig

Two dancers in passé at a ballet barre

This is an awesome ballet class for those new to ballet or those looking to brush up on foundations! Melissa teaches the class slowly, working through a barre and then center with a focus on proper placement of the feet and legs in coordination with the arms. You can’t go wrong with this class!

Beginner-Beginner Hip-Hop with Erin Babbs

Two dancers and animated blue character dancing

This class is one of the best for really young dancers! Erin is so expressive when she teaches, using fun metaphors and tasks to keep younger dancers engaged. If you stick around long enough, you might see a surprise face in class!

Musical Theatre with Kent Boyd

Three dancers with arms in the air

Kent takes dancers on a trip to the ’70s in this playful, feel-good beginner musical theatre combo that is anything but serious! Filled with good vibes, kids can channel their inner rockstar, bring their attitude to the table with bold confidence, and have a blast! Learn more about Musical Theatre dance at CLI Studios.

Beginner Hip-Hop with Guy Groove

Three dancers in a pose

This beginner hip-hop class with Guy Groove is all about performance and giving it your all with a smile on your face. Set to the upbeat music of Justin Bieber, this class takes dancers through the basic movements of hip-hop while encouraging them to use their personality to make it their own and sell it!

That’s just a peek at the videos we have available! Check out the rest of the kid’s collection to see the jazz, tap, lyrical, musical theatre, and even ballroom classes we have that are suitable for younger and less experienced dancers!

If you haven’t checked out our collections section on CLI Studios, you’re missing out! We have classes grouped together for all kinds of reasons, from combos that are all set to Drake songs, to classes for when you’re in a smaller space or are short on time. 

Want to start dancing now? Find out how CLI Studios online and live classes work to get started today.

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