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How to Prepare All Summer For Next Dance Season

Become A Stronger Dancer This Summer

  • With more free time, no school, and longer days, summer is the perfect season to level up, and there are so many ways you can up your training! 
  • Maybe you made the dance team and want to be prepared for the start of the season, or maybe you are hoping to audition next year! Whatever it may be, the summer season is the best time to find new ways to improve your skills. 
  • Whether you want to take more classes, choreograph your own combos, try new movement, or revamp your fitness game, there are endless ways to make sure you’re prepared for the start of the fall season. 
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Summer’s the perfect time for leveling up your training! With more free time on your hands, there’s more opportunities to take classes, set goals, and even explore creating your own movement. 

Maybe you made your studio or school dance team and you want to make sure you’re totally prepared for the start of the season. Or, maybe you just want to train this summer and kick off the fall better than ever. Whatever your goals are for the next few months, we’ve got you covered. 

7 ways to become a better dancer this summer 

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Cross training 

As dancers, we’re always looking for ways to move our bodies. A perfect way to train during  summer is exploring ways to move your body outside of dance that will ultimately help you once you’re back in the studio! 

  • Yoga can improve your flexibility while calming your mind. Syncing your breath to movement in a Vinyasa flow is a great way for dancers to make sure their muscles are getting the care they need while also expanding their range of motion. Learning breathwork techniques can also help you learn to conserve energy when you’re dancing for long periods of time. 
  • Strength training is wonderful for any dancer looking to level up in class. Working on your core strength means more stability in turns, stronger legs mean higher jumps, and healthy muscles in general mean less injuries. 
  • Cardio is perfect for endurance training. Want to go full out while performing a combo at the end of class? Cardio-driven exercises will help cultivate the endurance needed to dance for a full day of classes. 

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Set goals 

Take advantage of a freer schedule by tracking your goals for the summer! See if you can write down 3 things that you want to accomplish most and find a way to do one exercise per week to help you get closer to your goal.  

Take classes or sign-up for a virtual program 

Now that school is out, there’s more time to dance (yay!). Try scheduling a few drop-in classes back to back that you normally wouldn’t be able to take. Or, sign up for a virtual intensive where you can take multiple classes from the comfort of your own home.

Create and choreograph 

Every choreographer starts somewhere, even if it’s just finding one small phrase that you love. Now’s the time to explore your own choreographic voice! Create a combo or a piece and share it on your social media. Or, try collaborating with friends and teaching each other combos.

Try something new 

Seeking out new styles or movement in dance can be an incredible boost of creativity and inspiration! Learn a combination that you’ve always wanted to try, take class at a studio you’ve never been to, or level-up by challenging yourself to take a combo class that’s a level harder than you typically take. 

Stock your dance bag 

Along with training and working hard, it’s also helpful to have all of the proper equipment! Having a ready-to-go dance kit for whatever you may be doing this summer and the fall means less time stressing out and more time to focus on the movement. Check out our list of everything you need in your dance kit for summer camps, rehearsals, performances, and more. 

Rest up! 

Perhaps the most important part of feeling your best this summer and preparing for the new season is making sure you get enough rest! Staying hydrated, sleeping well, and checking in with yourself are keys to becoming the best dancer you can be. Set yourself up for success with Kathryn McCormcik and Mel Mah as they guide you through positive thinking and meditation. 

two women sitting cross-legged on yoga mats in black leggings and black shirts closing their eyes and meditating

Whatever you choose to focus on this summer, you won’t regret setting some goals for yourself and working towards them. Before you know it, that combo that seemed impossible at the beginning of the summer will be a breeze by fall! Remember, this is your time to do what you want and prepare yourself for the studio season. 

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