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Whether you’re a seasoned dancer looking to refine your technique, or you’re just beginning to explore ballet training – CLI Studios has ballet classes in each level that will help you master the fundamentals of barre and center work. Explore beginner to advanced ballet barres, classical choreography, foundational ballet technique, and more in our on-demand library of dance classes.
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Beginner through advanced ballet classes for every dancer
Our on-demand library includes beginner through advanced ballet classes focused on classical ballet technique and choreography from top instructors. Our program is designed for dancers of all types, including serious ballet students, adult beginners, as well as those looking to develop their technique for other styles of dance.
Beginner ballet
Learn basic ballet movement, strengthen your turnout, and find your balance in our beginner classes. Explore simple and effective barrework that will help your alignment and posture.
Intermediate ballet
Add body awareness, articulation, and musicality into your barre and center with our intermediate level classes. Focus on more advanced movement and learn classic choreography like the White Swan Variation and George Balanchine’s Serenade.
Advanced ballet
Test your balance, control, strength, and performance with our advanced classes. Push your technique further while adding elements of elongation and resistance to your movement.
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