Learn jazz funk movement and choreography with CLI Studios
Find your rhythm and power with jazz funk classes taught by the world’s best choreographers. Start to explore this style’s mix of jazz technique, contemporary influences, and hip-hop grooves in beginner through advanced classes that will help you level up your dancing.
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Master jazz funk choreography in all levels
Our on-demand library of dance classes includes beginner through advanced jazz funk choreography that pulls from styles like contemporary, jazz, and hip-hop. Learn how to bring your movement to life and find your own groove.
Beginner jazz funk
Let loose in your upper body and hips as you explore versatile choreography that’s all about connecting with your personality and having fun.
Intermediate jazz funk
Pick up more intricate choreography while mastering quick and seamless transitions, powerful accents, and expansive movement.
Advanced jazz funk
Focus on finding texture, dynamics, and performance in fast-paced choreography. Nail every accent and connect to your core.
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