Learn tap technique and choreography with CLI Studios
Feel the rhythm with beginner to advanced tap dance classes from the world’s best choreographers. Nail down step-by-step basics so you can accentuate every sound and hone your technique, or go full out with upbeat and complex combinations. After these classes, you’ll never miss a beat again.
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Master tap choreography in all levels
Our on-demand classes include beginner through advanced tap technique and choreography that incorporates movement and music from styles like hip-hop, funk, jazz, and more. Master the art of this rhythmic style and bring your own story to life in every dance.
Beginner tap
Learn the primary tap steps and practice more intricate steps and dances like pullbacks, Maxi Fords, and the Shim Sham, all while developing your musicality.
Intermediate tap
Focus on your technique and work on executing every sound with intricate rhythms and challenging routines.
Advanced tap
Work on speed and clarity with every step while you comfortably settle into the groove of every class.
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