Learn lyrical movement and choreography with CLI Studios
Learn the art of balancing fluid movement and technical control that will make all your performances look effortless. In our lyrical classes, you’ll learn to move freely by making the connection between your breath and your body. As you advance, you’ll learn how to bring every song to life through full-length combinations that tell a story through your movement and expression.
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Learn lyrical choreography in all levels
We offer lyrical classes ranging from beginner to advanced, so wherever you are in your lyrical journey, there will always be a class for you. Explore floor movement, control in your technique, and the elements of storytelling through dance.
Beginner lyrical
Ease into this technical style with slow paced choreography, and let your body express the lyrics of the song.
Intermediate lyrical
Level up your lyrical technique while working on your body control. Find the punctuation and contrast between strength and flow to make the dynamics more pronounced.
Advanced lyrical
Dive into technical combos and learn to take risks as a storyteller. Adopt a character and create compelling story arcs in every performance.
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