The Best Dance Tutorials For True Beginners

So you want to start dancing online. That’s great! You made the first big step and now it’s time to find the right classes for you. Maybe you’re just starting to dance for the first time, or you’re returning to dance. Regardless, finding the right online dance tutorials can be overwhelming with how many are out on the web these days. Thankfully, we’ve been doing this a while so we have some recommendations! First, identify the dance style you want to work on. Then, make sure the classes you’re looking into are coming from a reputable source with a lot of dance experience. Good dance teachers know how to explain the proper form you need to nail down choreography and technique. Depending on your budget and time, it might make sense to go for a program that offers a wide variety so you can have room to grow and experiment as you work on the fundamentals and try new styles.

Check out some of our best dance tutorials for beginners!

Tiler Peck in a red leotard at a ballet barre with arms in fifth

Plié and Beyond, Beginner Ballet Class  with Tiler Peck 

Join Tiler Peck, principal dancer with NYCB as she leads you through the absolute basics of ballet. Considered by many to be the foundation of dance, knowing the concepts and techniques present in ballet will help you with many other dance forms such as jazz and lyrical.

Find out more about online ballet dance classes you can take now.

Twitch and two other dancers in front of brick wall

Grooves Course, Beginner Hip-Hop with tWitch

This group of classes really unpacks something that is essential to learning how to dance hip hop— the foundational grooves! When learning any hip hop routine, having these in your back pocket will come in extremely handy. tWitch is a phenomenal instructor, and will have you grooving in no time!

See more online hip-hop classes from instructors like Ysabelle Capitule, The Kinjaz, and more.

Maud Arnold and other dancers on wooden tap boards

Shining Star, Beginner Tap Class with Maud Arnold

This class is a great mix of exercises and breakdowns of tap steps with a combination you can learn at the very end. Tap is a great style to try if you are into rhythm and musicality. As a tap dancer, you become both musician and dancer at the same time. Give it a try!

Learn tap dance with online dance classes you can take from home.

Three dancers in turned in passe

Beginner Jazz Dance Course with Carly Blaney

This group of classes starts with a classic warm up, continues into across the floor progressions, turns and pirouettes, jumps, and finishes with a high energy combo. Carly is great at explaining the importance of each exercise, and you’ll be left with a great idea of what jazz is all about!

Check out more online Jazz dance classes on CLI Studios.

Three dancers posing in a green studio

The Thrill of It All, Beginner Lyrical Class with Lonni Olson

This beginner lyrical class with Lonni will allow you to explore different aspects of movement quality while focusing on clean, beautiful lines. Push yourself to grow with each repetition of the combo as you feel the emotion, make it your own, and dance for yourself!

Want more lyrical dance classes? CLI Studios has many ranging from beginner to advanced with icons like Mark Meismer and Shannon Mather.

Two dancers in Bollywood pose in a dance studio

Badri Ki Dulhania, Beginner Bollywood Class with Nakul Dev Mahajan

Ballet may be considered the foundation of many western dance forms, but there are many forms of dance like many West African styles or Bollywood that have different foundations. Here you can take a class taught to anyone new at Bollywood dancing, breaking apart the steps and going into some history of the dance style, too! Learn more about the history of Bollywood.

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