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3 Ways to Calm Your Nerves & Boost Your Confidence Before Your Next In-studio Class

Taking in-studio classes is such an important part of developing skills and leveling up as a dancer. That being said, we KNOW how intimidating it can be to walk into a full studio! Maybe you’re headed back to class after a long summer break, or maybe you are a returning dancer. Whatever it may be, Broadway choreographer Michele Lynch has shared her 3 best tips for feeling confident before walking into class!

1) Check Your Posture And Take A Deep Breath

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When we feel uncomfortable, it can show up in our physical bodies. Have you ever had a day that just isn’t going your way? It’s much easier to let our shoulders hunch and our feet drag during difficult days. However, this kind of posture actually promotes negative feelings.

Checking your posture to make sure you’re healthily aligned can do wonders for your mind by boosting your energy and confidence. Little changes as simple as rolling your shoulders back, taking a deep breath, and feeling your feet on the ground can help you connect to your body and get out of your head.

Want to go a step beyond? If you have the space and time, try striking a fun power pose before class. Don’t forget to laugh, shake out the nerves, and create some space for having fun! The next time you’re headed into the studio, make a quick mental checklist so you can ensure you’re feeling like your most confident self.

2) Own Your Choices

Ever heard of that saying, go with your gut? Making decisions and sticking to them is a great way to boost your confidence inside and outside of the studio. Whether you’re improvising in class, or you’re picking out an outfit to wear, try not to second guess yourself once you’re in front of others! It may be easy to compare ourselves to those around us, but it’s so important to remember that we are enough exactly as we are.

3) Keep Learning!

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Knowledge is a wonderful way to feel confident and comfortable both in and out of the studio. Taking the time to learn about the history of a style or finding additional courses to supplement your training will allow you to feel prepared for whatever you’re exploring in class.

Hobbies and creative activities outside of dance are incredible creative outlets to help boost your confidence too! You can do anything–take guitar lessons, pick up painting, learn magic tricks– whatever stimulates your mind.

“The more knowledge you have to fill yourself up, the more you’ll be in your confidence!”

– Michele Lynch

For more inspirational tips, check out Delaney Glazer’s “Focus On The Good” class where she talks through her personal motto and encourages dancers to be brave and set intentions.

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