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Feel Good Classes You Can Take With Friends

Not every dance class has to have fancy footwork or a lengthy routine! Some of the most inspiring classes are ones that are less structured, more conversational, and allow you to pause and take a deep breath.

If you’re looking for classes that will leave you feeling refreshed and motivated, we’ve got you covered with our “Feel Good” collection. From industry insights with top instructors to positive affirmations, yoga practices, and guided improv and groove sessions, these classes will help you take some time to yourself and find your confidence. Plus, they’re great for all levels!

Check out the classes from our all-new “Feel Good” collection below and try them today by heading to You can watch these classes with friends and family – dancers and non-dancers alike!

Nikki Nie “Water”

3 dancers in a warrior two yoga pose on yellow and blue mats

Join Nikki Nie for a yoga practice focusing on the fluid element of water. Use this class to find what feels good for your body and mind, instead of copying what you’re seeing on screen.

Mel Mah “Manifest Your Goals”

two women writing in notebooks sitting on blue yoga mats

Move through a series of writing exercises and reflections, and learn about the four steps that took Mel Mah from dreaming of being a commercial dancer to dancing for Janet Jackson on a world tour! While you’re at it, check out Mel’s blog, How To Achieve Your Goals.

Rachelle Rak “Meet Rachelle Rak”

broadway dancer rachelle rak wearing a green leotard dancing

Meet Broadway star Rachelle Rak, learn about how she stays inspired, her early training, and her career in the musical theatre industry.

Michele Lynch “3 Confidence Boosting Tips”

michelle lynch sitting in a directors chair in front of a brick wall

From standing taller and relaxing your shoulders to striking power poses in your room, Michele Lynch shares her tips to become more confident.

Mel Mah “Positive Thinking and Affirmations”

two women sitting on yoga mats with journals

Learn how to listen to what’s going on inside your mind and create a positive mindset with Mel Mah. Grab a pen and a journal, and sit down with Mel as she guides you through writing and meditation to set yourself up for success.

Delaney Glazer “Focus on the Good Pt 1 & 2”

dancer delany glazer smiling and point to the camera

Delaney Glazer talks you through her tips on becoming more confident and finding your own mantra. She encourages us to be brave and to focus on the good things in life.

Lex Ishimoto “Stay Legendary”

dancer lex ishimoto smiling in front of a purple brick wall

Learn how to set intentions and embrace the unknown with Lex Ishimoto. Adapt his personal mantra, “Stay Legendary,” before joining him for a guided improv session!

Teddy Forance “Guided Improv with Teddy Forance”

dancer teddy forance instructing a class at cli studios

Work through multiple improvisation techniques like room writing and puppetry with Teddy Forance. This is a perfect class to get your creative mind working!

JBlaze “Party Grooves”

dancer jblaze and assistants stepping out to the right and swinging arms to the left

Move through a series of grooves while adding your own flavor with JBlaze. This all-levels class is a great warm-up or workout you can do with friends and family members, dancers and non-dancers!

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