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13 Dance Classes You Can Do In A Small Space!

Now more than ever, dancers across the globe are turning to online dance classes to supplement their studio, college, or pre-professional training. The ability to take dance classes with top choreographers from the comfort of your own home is the perfect way to become more confident in your dancing, try a new style, or practice for those in-person classes and auditions.

Our newest Collection features twelve classes that are perfect for dancers who want to take a class from home but don’t exactly have the extra room for choreography that requires a lot of space. Featuring choreography from Lex Ishimoto, Ysabelle Capitulé, Tiler Peck, and more, these classes are perfect for when you don’t have a ton of room to dance, but still want to groove, stretch, and flow.


Marty Kudelka – “Doesn’t Really Matter” Parts 1 & 2 (Advanced)

Join Marty for an advanced hip-hop class featuring a combo he co-choreographers with Shawnette Heard. Work on adding your own style while using the music to carry you through the detailed choreography.

Flo Master – “Make it Funky” (Beginner)

Learn the 3 fundamentals of Locking from Flo Master: the lock, the dance, and the character. Begin with basic drills to get the movement in your body, then make it funky and dive into fun choreography.

Ysabelle Capitule – “Something Real” (Beginner)

Find your groove and become a more confident hip-hop dancer in Ysabelle’s laid-back beginner class. Challenge yourself to add in your own flavor while performing the movement!

Anthony Lee & The Kinjaz – “Follow” (Advanced)

Bask in the summertime vibes of Anthony’s advanced hip-hop class. Focus on picking up the choreography quickly so you have time to work on developing dynamics and performance.


Tiler Peck – Plié and Beyond (Beginner)

Try NYCB principal dancer Tiler Peck’s introductory ballet class, where she walks you through the fundamentals at the barre and in the center to help you with your technique, posture, and grace!

Tiler Peck – ”Foundations of Ballet Technique” (Beginner)

If you’re looking for an even deeper dive into the basics of ballet, try Tiler’s multi-part beginner course to work through your technique and develop your training throughout three barre classes.

Lex Ishimoto – Intention Behind the Details (Beginner)

Lex starts this beginner ballet class with a fundamental barre to enhance your technique and get your body warm before moving into center work. Focus on opening your hips in your turn-out and conditioning your body while articulating the small details.


Caley & Kelsey Carr – “Fly Me to the Moon” (Beginner)

Find your elegance and style with Caley and Kelsey in this beginner tap combo set to a timeless song. Channel your inner Frank Sinatra as you tap your heart out with an old Hollywood charm and a crisp rhythm.

Chloe Arnold – “Walk it, Talk it” (Intermediate)

Join Chloe, founder of The Syncopated Ladies, in a fun and rhythmical intermediate tap combo. This class combines modern hip-hop music with classic tap steps for challenging choreography and a unique blend of worlds.

Jazz & Musical Theatre

Liana Blackburn – “Who Do You Think You Are” (Intermediate)

Get down with Liana in this high-energy class featuring “Who Do You Think You Are” by the Spice Girls. This heels combo is all about the intention behind the moves, showing off your personality, and bringing out your inner superstar!

Gabrielle Ruiz – Acting Without Expectations (All Levels)

Learn how to anchor your acting choices and connect your body language to your inner dialogue with In The Heights star, Gabrielle Ruiz. This engaging acting class will help you stay present and rid yourself of expectations!

Dom Kelley – “Flying Home” (Intermediate)

Jump into Dominique Kelley’s intermediate musical theatre combo and work on forming your character while putting an emphasis on technique. Enjoy the timeless vibe, featuring a classic Ella Fitzgerald tune.

You can check out all of these dance classes and more in our on-demand library. Head to to learn more about our online dance program and get started with a 7-day free trial.

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