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How Do I Find Dance Auditions In Los Angeles?

Finding a dance audition anywhere can be challenging. But since Los Angeles is a large city and one of the entertainment capitals of the world, breaking into the industry can take some time.

Let’s say that you’ve taken our advice and made your dance reel video or even found a good agency for representation. You still need to audition to get the gig, right? Let’s do a quick walkthrough on finding dance auditions in L.A.

Nothing Beats Networking

Every time you learn under an instructor, collaborate with a choreographer, or work with other dancers, you are presented with a valuable opportunity to network. Many dance instructors are current or former professional choreographers and dancers themselves, and many still have connections in the industry.

If you feel that you are ready to take your career to the next level and start auditioning, make sure that you talk to everyone you work with about it. You never know what kind of information someone else has until you ask. Check out bulletin boards at dance studios and performance spaces and make sure to follow dancers and choreographers on social media. Talk to other dancers in your social circle and meet as many people as you can in the industry. Seek out message boards and social media pages dedicated to and run by dancers. Try to maintain a healthy mix of in-person interactions as well as online connections to cultivate the most useful network that is the most effective in achieving your goal of finding the right audition.

A tip: Watch Instagram stories to see when people are searching for dancers!

Agencies and Representation

Los Angeles has been the entertainment center of the world for a long time. As a result, there are many companies out there that can be used as resources in the search for auditions.

Dance agencies are the number one resource you should pursue to get auditions. Most agencies have one or two open call auditions every year where you get a chance to be seen and signed. It can be daunting to pursue getting an agent, but they sign a lot of dancers each year and you absolutely could be one of them! Remember, just because you don’t make it one year, doesn’t mean you won’t make it the following. Keep training and keep trying. Most of the big music video, T.V., and tour auditions are private and the information is rarely publicly released so you will most likely need representation to attend. Here’s a pro tip: Never “crash” an audition you hear about, it won’t earn you any favor with casting agents who you want to build healthy relationships with over your career. Some of the most popular agencies in Los Angeles are MSA, Bloc Talent, Movement Talent, and Clear Talent Group. Check out how to get agency representation here.

Websites like Backstage and LA Casting cater to professionals seeking on-set experience and can be great for dipping your toe into on-set work. Typically these platforms will offer more low-scale acting opportunities and background work, but they can be great if you want to get a feel for what it’s like to work on a professional gig without the pressure of having a starring role. If you do use one of these paid services make sure that you get your money’s worth and use every available feature. Don’t just post a dance reel and wait for your big break; that’s not how it works. Check the call sheets, scan the profiles of agents and producers, and submit as much of your own material as you can. There are free sites out there as well which are also worth investigating. However, if you’re using sites like Craigslist and Mandy it’s important to keep an eye out for scams. Avoid submitting personal or financial information to unvetted posters, and if someone is telling you to pay any kind of fee upfront for their representation or project—run, this is not legitimate, and is not how the industry works!

More Effort Equals More Luck

Some people are just lucky, that’s the nature of life in general. However, behind every lucky break is a hidden story of hard work, intelligent resourcing, constant studying, and patience. Getting an audition is good, but being prepared for that audition is what really matters. Keep your skills sharp, stay in shape and practice, and always keep learning and expanding your range. You want to not only stand out, but to be able to deliver once you get the job. Once you’ve had a few successful auditions and jobs under your belt, it only gets easier from there!

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