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The Benefits of Dancing Online

Whether you’re currently enrolled at a dance studio, or you’re taking drop-in dance classes, online dance classes are a great way to supplement your training and get to the next level with more dance experience. From unmatched accessibility to international choreographers and teachers, to the pressure-free environment and the ability to work at your own pace, training online has some clear advantages!

With online dance classes, you can join a class (sometimes even in real-time!) from wherever you are in the world, so long as you have internet access and a device like a computer, phone, or tablet. Living in the age of technology has many benefits…and here at CLI we are biased to say that being able to connect with working professionals in the dance industry from the comfort of your home is one of the best ones!

Since you can take classes that fit your schedule and can advance at your own pace, online dance classes provide a safe place for dancers to build confidence and improve quickly. They are also a great way to find your strengths and work on your weaknesses, which can lead to improved confidence and power in your dancing overall!  

Dancing From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Let’s face it — taking class in a studio full of other dancers, whether you know them or not, can be intimidating! 

Maybe you’re new to dance completely, or you’re trying a style that’s out of your comfort zone. With online dance classes, it’s really just you and the instructor, so there’s space to try new things and make strong choices without being worried about making mistakes. Maybe you’re a jazz dancer who wants to try hip-hop in a safe space before trying an in-person class or a hip-hop dancer who wants to try ballet classes. Build up your confidence in a new style or technique so you can enter your next in-person class feeling extra empowered!

Plus, dancing from your home means that you can customize so many aspects of your dance class experience. If you want to dance in the middle of the night with only lava lamps to light your space, you can! And, if you have enough space to dance in your bedroom, that can be a fun and intimate learning experience— just think of all the props you’ll have to work with for any improvisations!

Building Your Own Schedule

So, you’re busy all of the time with school or work, rehearsals, and everything else life throws at you, and you wish you had way more time to take dance classes, right? With online classes, you can take classes when it’s convenient for your schedule— and, you gain time to warm-up and prepare when you normally would have spent commuting to a studio (if you’re taking class from home). 

You can also stack classes any way you want. Say you want to warm up with a ballet barre, then go right into a hip hop class, and end with a lecture on injury prevention—with online classes, doing that couldn’t be any easier. The customization is in your hands. 

At CLI, we categorize classes by different styles and by level of difficulty, so you can be sure to find a class that suits your needs.

Pausing, Rewinding, and Slowing Down Choreo

One of the most obvious benefits of taking an online dance class is the fact that you are in control of not only your setting, but also the pace at which you learn the exercises or the choreography. With online dance classes, you can control speed with pause, stop, or rewind features as many times as you want.

Why is that so important? Think of how helpful it could be in a live class if you could pause the teacher in the most complicated steps, rewinding and fast forwarding their dancing until you really felt like you understood it?

A big part of dancing is practicing and mastery of choreography. When you’re dancing from home (or wherever you choose to take class), challenging choreography doesn’t get in the way of that, because you can practice and take the class as many times as you want until you nail the steps. Taking class this way can really enrich your dancing experience and unlock new ways of moving that you can’t always reach in an in-person class.

CLI’s video player even includes speed controls that allow you to watch the class at a slower speed if that is more helpful to you. Imagine if you could just hit a button to slow down a teacher in class when they were going too fast!

Access to World-Renowned Choreographers

Tiler Peck teaches a ballet barre class at CLI Studios

Have you dreamt of moving to L.A. or New York City to take weekly classes with the choreographers that you want to work with someday? 

Online dance classes allow you to learn from teachers and choreographers that can be hundreds (if not, thousands!) of miles away, in different time zones, or who normally don’t even teach at drop-in studios. Professional dancers that you might only be able to work with at a convention once a year are now available to teach you through your laptop in your living room on a Sunday afternoon!

Adding variety to your training is one of the smartest things a dancer can do, at any age or stage of your career. Online classes present you with the possibility to work with a diverse group of teachers and choreographers without having to travel or relocate. Plus, if you’re social distancing, this is a great option to continue your dance training!

At CLI, not only do we have teachers and assistants from around the world, but we also have an international community of students and dance studios taking part in our interactive classes!

Take advantage of our classes and get started with a seven day free trial at clistudios.com. We have a library of over 1,000 on-demand classes in every level and style!

Looking for something a bit more interactive? Try our live interactive classes, where you can get feedback from our top choreographers and connect with other dancers from the comfort of your own home.

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